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Marketing Ideas
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The Small Business Marketing Bible

Small Business Marketing Bible, by David Frey
In this gigantic volume (312 pages) of marketing tactics you'll find over 30 chapters explaining in detail how to implement each money-making marketing strategy step-by-step. You simply won't find a more comprehensive guide to marketing your small business online or offline. That's why it makes sense for you to take a closer look at the Small Business Marketing Bible.
Instant Referral Systems

Instant Referral Systems, by David Frey
Get a never ending stream of new customers or clients using proven referral systems that keep on working like a machine — even while you're on vacation — without having to ask for them.

There are three types of referral programs, 1) ones that don't work, 2) ones that bring mediocre results, and 3) those that have the ability to transform your business. The Instant Referral Systems program gives you a systematic way to tap deep into the vast network of friends, family, and associates of other people.
Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp

Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp, by David Frey
How often do you find yourself saying, "I wish I could get enough clients so that I could do what it is that I love to do."  Unfortunately, too many coaches and consultants have deep skills in coaching or their field of expertise, but don't know how to attract new clients. The Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp starts off by introducing you to the Coaching and Consulting Sales and Marketing Model©, which gives you a high-level overview of the steps you need to take to successfully close a prospective client.

The Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp comes with a HUGE 229 page manual and 10 audio CDs so you can listen and learn in your car or on vacation!



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