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December 7 , 2005 Try something new in worship? No way!... read

November 23, 2005 Worship Wars – are they still around?... read

November 9, 2005 Culture Change in this church? You've got to be kidding that will never happen!!!... read

August 15, 2005 To the Minister of Music, Worship Leader, Praise Team Director—Whatever you are called in your church... read

August 1, 2005 The Death of Common Sense or Where Has All the Common Sense Gone?... read

July 18, 2005 What an opportune time for Christians to be alive!!... read

July 4, 2005 Worship Wars - are these of God or Satan?... read

June 20, 2005 The Church Alive: Is your church one of them?... read

June 6, 2005 Learning from business: Relating customer service to church health... read

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